Benefits of Membership

There are many great reasons to become a member of NOTA today! Here are just a few of the exciting benefits you will receive:

• Reduced rate for bi-monthly continuing education opportunities on a variety of interest areas and topics relevant to occupational therapy practice in Nebraska.
• Teleconferencing available for practitioners throughout the state to participate in regular meetings and continuing education. 
• Reduced rates for our Annual Conference where you can network with other practitioners and earn your continuing education credits. 
• Networking! NOTA brings therapists throughout our state together to share ideas and work to make occupational therapy practice in Nebraska great.
• Free regular newsletters to keep you informed on what occupational therapy is doing in Nebraska and beyond.
• Access to an OT lobbyist to keep you up to date on the current bills and how you can help with making OT visible in our state.
• Scholarships- NOTA is working with AOTF to start a scholarship fund for Nebraska residents to attend occupational therapy school.
• Leadership opportunities are available in all areas of the state. This is a chance for you to make a difference for practitioners in your local area and statewide. Join an enthusiastic leadership team!

The list goes on…these are just some of the reasons that NOTA membership is a great investment!

Become a Member Today!