NOTA Awards Time! 

We need your help to honor some of the outstanding individuals in our profession. Nominations are now being accepted for the 2024 NOTA awards. Awards will be presented in several categories to honor individuals for their contributions to the profession of occupational therapy!

Thank you for taking the time to recognize and honor individuals in our outstanding profession by taking a few moments to fill out one or all of the following nominations! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

NOTA 2024 Awards include:
                    · Mark and Taylor Kaipust Memorial Award- To nominate click here.
· NOTA Contributor of the Year- To nominate click here.
· NOTA Practitioner of the Year- To nominate click here.
· NOTA OT Student of the Year- To nominate click here.

The award descriptions, information, and links appear below. Simply click on the award link and fill out the nomination form online. Nominations will be accepted online through February 29th, 2024. Award winners will be recognized during our Annual NOTA conference on Saturday, April 6th. 



AWARD: Mark & Taylor Kaipust Memorial Award


This award will be ​given to a non-traditional​ student in an Occupational Therapy or Occupational Therapy Assistant program who exemplifies the characteristics of Mark Kaipust and his son Taylor, including a positive attitude, passion for serving people within their community, and a vision for the ​future of ​Occupational Therapy.

The recipient of this award is ​viewed as having the potential to impact the OT profession ​as a future clinician, advocate, and mentor. The recipient of this award will be given a one-year NOTA membership to encourage their participation and continued growth within our State and National Organizations.

Students may nominate themselves or be nominated by others. They do not need to be a current NOTA member. Non-traditional refers to any student that did not enter their program directly from high school or undergraduate studies, any student entering their program as a second career, or a student with dependents.

To nominate click here.


AWARD: NOTA Contributor of the Year 2024

Description: This award recognizes someone who has provided outstanding service to NOTA.

· Current member in good standing of NOTA
· One year minimum of sustained contribution to NOTA

· Regularly attends NOTA functions
· Made a significant contribution to NOTA through public relations, legislative activity, fund-raising, membership building, networking, etc.

To nominate click here.

AWARD: NOTA Practitioner of the Year 2024

Description: This award recognizes an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant who demonstrates responsibility, leadership, enthusiasm, and creativity in the practice of occupational therapy in Nebraska.
*This award is not for years of service, but for quality, proficiency and contributions. This award may be granted to the same individual more than once.

· Current member in good standing of NOTA
· Licensed in the state of Nebraska
· Minimum of three years of clinical experience

Qualifies in clinical expertise in all of the following areas:
1.Recognized as a resource person and knowledgeable of OT principles and practice
2.Solves a variety of clinical problems
3.Sees short-term and long-term needs of clients
4.Articulates OT to consumers and other healthcare professionals
5.Held in high esteem.

Qualifies in at least one of the following related activities:
1.Shares knowledge through workshops, articles, consulting, clinical teaching
3.Outstanding leadership, staff or program development.

To nominate click here.

AWARD: Outstanding Occupational Therapy Student of the Year 2024

Description: This award recognizes an OT or OTA student who demonstrates leadership and excellence. The award recipient will have made a significant contribution at the student level in the areas of organizational activities, community service, and/or advocacy.

· Current member in good standing of NOTA
· Enrolled in an OT or OTA program in Nebraska
· Completed a minimum of 2 semesters
· Submit one letter of reference from a faculty member. This letter needs to verify the student’s enrollment in the OT/OTA program.
· Letter of acceptance of nomination.
· Essay (not to exceed 300 words) of how nominee has met the qualification criteria and how these activities have contributed to develop as a future professional.

· Organizational activities: Leadership of and participation in a student occupational therapy organization, NOTA or AOTA.
· Community service: unpaid involvement in organizations and activities related to health and wellness, and the persons served by the profession.
· Advocacy: demonstrates leadership and involvement in activities that promote occupational therapy.

To nominate click here.

Thank you for taking time to nominate some of the outstanding individuals in our profession! 

NOTA Executive Board